We are a pediatric practice, caring for children from birth to 18 years of age. My office philosophy is using evidence-based medicine in managing disease and prevention. In other words, I strongly believe in vaccinations and use the CDC's Recommended Immunization Schedule. I use antibiotics judiciously and ONLY if I strongly suspect a bacterial infection. I use home remedies as much as possible. We are a fun practice and my staff and I are highly skilled in what we do. I am also a solo practitioner in private practice.

We take most insurances including HMSA, UHA, HMA, Hawaii-MDX, HMAA, and HMSA Quest. We do not take Aloha Care and United Healthcare Quest. For HMSA-HMO plan, we only accept Pacific Health Care, which is the largest HMO plan in HMSA.

We are a Patient-Centered Medical Home!


Currently, we are participating with American Academy of Pediatrics Hawaii Chapter Ka Huliau program which supports physician with high quality health care and HMSA's Payment Transformation. Therefore, you will find that we are having our families complete various surveys to keep your child healthy. We are also participating with Coreo which is HMSA's webtool for disease and health maintenance management.


Electronic Health Records

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We are currently using Epic, or HealthAdvantage CONNECT, for our electronic health record. Epic is a program that is connected to Hawaii Pacific Health; therefore, there is an interchange of information between my office and Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children.


Hawaii Immunization Registry

We have been participating in the Hawaii Immunization Registry when it first began in 2010. This registry is important since it centralizes immunization records given at different sites such as schools, hospitals, and clinics, and is run by the Department of Health.


Company history

I have been in practice since 1999 and have been in the same location at the Medical Arts Building. I practiced with Dr. Mitsuo Tottori for the first 5 years of my practice but have been in solo practice since he retired in 2004.



(from Vitals.com and Yelp)

"Dr. Vince is wonderful.  He is perfect as a pediatrician; not too scary for my daughter.  At the same time, he is also very knowledgeable and intelligent.  When my daughter became severely ill just after birth, he was instrumental in explaining all of the tests, test results, and implications.  He is also knowledgeable about 'popular' issues and concerns and is able to answer my questions about issues I have read or heard.  He is a great mix of caring and medical encyclopedia."

"I first met Dr. Yamashiroya at Kapiolani Hospital where he had started his internship, and decided to stay with him ever since.  It has been 15+ years and Dr. Yamashiroya has never changed, he is always caring, knowledgeable and sincere with our concerns whether it is mine or my children's.  When an emergency arises the office staff is so helpful and patient with the outstanding service.  Both staff and Dr. Yamashiroya would always accommodate to all of my children's medical needs and mine when school forms or when a last minute physical needs to be done. It is always a pleasure to see them.  I'm sorry to say Dr. Yamashiroya, Cherry, Ernelle, and Sharon you are stuck with us."

"Dr Yama is an amazing dr. He genuinely cares and he always has room if you feel like you have an emergency. His staff is amazing. I went to Dr Yama simce i was a child and my daughter's went to him as well. Sadly we left Hawaii. No other Dr really could compare to him and his staff. He's very talented and patient. Always smiley and bubby. I don't think you could ever make him mad.
Thank you Dr Yama for caring for me, my sister, daughters and now niece! If I could give you guys more stars I would." 

"Dr. Yamashiroya is a talented pediatrician. He and his staff are very patient, kind and accomodating. During emergencies, I am able to reach doctor through physicians exchange, and he always returns my call in less than 5 minutes.  If my children are sick, we are always able to see the doctor, they have never turned us away.  The office is located in the medical arts building on the ground floor. It is a very convenient location, but sometimes parking can be a difficult as the lot gets full."

"Awesome Doctor. You can't go wrong. Staff is also great and very helpful."

"Love Dr Y and his whole staff! They are just amazing. We started there in 2010 when our first baby was born and at the time were living in Honolulu. We have since moved to Ewa Beach but I just can't imagine finding a better doctor closer to home. So despite the drive into town we will stay with Dr. Y! To give you some insight into how much we all love Dr. Y, last week we took baby #2 in for her 9 month check up and I brought our two year old. He cried as we LEFT! He wanted to stay and play. The whole day he kept saying "Doctor. Doctor." asking to go back. Now if that doesn't tell you how great they are, I don't know what will!"

"He is the best pediatrician my baby has had! ( she has had 6) He actually cares and u can tell he truly loves children. He doesn't give unnecessary meds and does help with the diagnoses. The staff is the same very nice every time I walked out of the office I was happy with my experience!"

"We have been with dr. since 1st born, who is age 5 now. We interviewed 3 ped's when I was pregnant and chose him, because his way of treatment beliefs were similar to ours. "prevention and maintain healthy lifestyle instead of reaction" and he explained his way of diagnosing patients. At each check up, we get a handout with vital record and growth status or stage development. Staff is very friendly and patient to each child, no matter how much the kids hate shots."