My Favorite Books

My Favorite Book on Childcare

Caring for Your Baby and Young Child from Birth to Age 5, is a great parenting guide and is used as my "Bible" in this regard. This book is made through our national pediatrics organization, The American Academy of Pediatrics, so it has up-to-date information and draws the wisdom of over 100 pediatric specialists. It is truly an authoritative guide. You can purchase this book at any bookstore, Amazon, or through the American Academy of Pediatrics through this website:

There is also two other books in this series, called Caring for Your School-Aged Child: Ages 5 to 12, and Caring for Your Teenager: The Complete and Authoritative Guide. I would not recommend getting all three books at once, in case there are new editions later on.

Alternatively, you can get the smaller book called Your Baby's First Year, which is based off the Caring for Your Baby and Young Child from Birth to Age 5 book.


American Girl The Care & Keeping of You

This book is recommended for girls to learn about how their bodies change during puberty. It talks about bras, periods, pimples, and healthy eating. There are two books, the basic one is #1, and the more advanced is #2. The first book is for girls 8 years and up.

For more information, you can go to the American Girl website by clicking here.