Cool Videos

This page contains videos that was shared with me from others that I thought contained great medical information.

The Healthy Children Show

The American Academy of Pediatrics has The Healthy Children Show. In an episode of this show, Little Laura shares how to give liquid medicine. I hope that they will have future episodes. To access this episode on YouTube, click here.


Rewind the Future

A mesmerizing video of the dangers of obesity by Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. After watching it, I had to share it with my pediatric colleagues. To access this episode on YouTube, click here.


Why the HPV Vaccine is so important

The following You Tube link are videos from the American Cancer Society on why the HPV vaccine is so important. It includes testimonies from many cancer survivors. To access the videos, click here.


How a Vaccine is Made

The following You Tube video called The Journey of Your Child’s Vaccine goes through how a vaccine is made from development to post-licensure monitoring. If you are interested in vaccine safety monitoring and to watch this video, please click this link.