Food Processors


One of my parents who was a chef at 3660 On-the-Rise but now a fulltime stay at home mom loves the Vitamix blender in making her baby food. It is pricey but well worth it. The downside is that she needs to cook her baby's food separately before placing it in the blender. The other good thing about this blender is that it makes great smoothies. For more information, go to the website at Vitamix.


Baby Breeza

Baby Breeza .jpg

Baby Breeza is a product that makes making your own baby food a snap. It is a one step baby food maker that steams and blends your baby food, all in one bowl! For more information, click this: Baby Breeza.


Baby Breeza Formula Pro One Step Food Maker

This is another Baby Breeza product that I've heard good things about. t makes making formula bottle very easy. For more information, click this: Formula Pro.



Here's yet another baby food processor that one of my parents who is a chef uses to make baby food. It is called Béaba Babycook and they enjoy this one since it does everything for you. It is advertised as "The original baby food maker, loved by parents for over 20 years." There are three models, the Babycook Classic, Babycook Pro, and Babycook Pro 2X. You can check it out at Béaba.



This is another blender to prepare homemade baby food that a parent recommended who did not like the other baby food processors since it was harder to clean and looked "moldy" after a while. She got this one at Macy's when it went on sale. For more information, click this: Nutribullet.


Cruisinart® Smart Stick®

Still another blender to prepare homemade baby food is using a hand blender as shown. For more information or other models, click on: Cuisinart.