Mobile Apps


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One of my mothers told me about this app that controls her son's phone to limit screen time. Per their website at, this is "a simple family locator and parental control app that allows parents to locate family members and limit screen time by blocking internet and app access. There is a free basic version, a OurPact Plus version for $1.99 per month that manages multiple children and schedules, and a OurPact Premium version that is $6.99 per month that blocks testing, individual app control, screen time allowance, and family locator.


Sound Sleeper

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As a photographer, I always wondered how baby photographers are able to have babies sound asleep and not fussy when taking their photograph. This is where white noise makers come in. White noise is great, not only in making your baby less fussy, but might even help in colicky babies! When I was talking to the Bella Baby photographer, the app she uses to take baby pictures at Kapiolani Medical Center is called Sound Sleeper. There's a free version which I have on my phone, and the setting the Bella Baby photographer uses is called womb. To check out the iPhone app, click here.


Baby Connect app by Seacloud Software LLC

Someone shared this app that they purchased in the iTunes Store called Baby Connect. Baby Connect was picked by Apple as a featured app for Busy Moms. It is the #1 and most comprehensive baby tracking application in the App Store. It has graphical reports and trending charts, weekly averages, medicine, vaccine and growth tracking, timers, notifications, reminder alarms, emails, easy to use interface, and umlimited data. It is the only application avaible on iPhone, iPad, and the web. It can synchronize information between mom and dad, babysitter, daycare, etc. It is $4.99 in the App Store. For more information about this app,  click here.


Baby Nursing app by Sevenlogics, Inc.

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This app was shared by one of my new parents who liked this app compared to the Baby Connect app since it shows a snapshot of your baby's activities for that week. It can sync with several devices as well. It costs $4.99 in the App Store. For more information about this app, click here.


Baby Feed Timer

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This is yet another app to keep track of baby's feeding, bowel movements and wet diapers. My new parents loved this one since it was easy to use, had analytics for feeding schedules, and now has an Apple Watch app. To learn more about it, click here.



This is a free app made by the Poison Control Centers that guides those who ingested a poison. There are a series of questions that will answer whether a person needs to go to the emergency room or not and how toxic the ingested amount it. There is an Apple and Android version of this app. For more information on the Apple version, click here.

or information on how to contact the Hawaii Poison Control Center, go to my Medical Tips tab.


Period Tracker

One of my teen patients told me about this cool app that tracks your menstrual periods on the iPhone that is free. She and her friends at school are using it and they love it! The app is called Period Tracker. To go to the website, click here. There is also a deluxe version that is $1.99 which includes a social feature, which is probably not needed. 

Other popular ones are Clue Period & Ovulation Tracker and Flo.