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Cool Products

This page contains products that I have heard about that are neat and cool. If there is anything you want me to add to this page to share, please let me know.

Food Processors


Vitamix.jpgOne of my parents who was a chef at 3660 On-the-Rise but now a fulltime stay at home mom loves the Vitamix blender in making her baby food. It is pricey but well worth it. The downside is that she needs to cook her baby's food separately before placing it in the blender. The other good thing about this blender is that it makes great smoothies. For more information, go to the website at Vitamix.



Baby Breeza.png

Baby Breeza

​Baby Breeza is a product that makes making your own baby food a snap. It is a one step baby food maker that steams and blends your baby food, all in one bowl! For more information, click this: Baby Breeza.


Baby Breeza Formula Pro.jpg

Baby Breeza Formula Pro One Step Food Maker

​This is another Baby Breeza product that I've heard good things about. ​It makes making formula bottle very easy. For more information, click this: Formula Pro.




Beaba Babycook.png

Here's yet another baby food processor that one of my parents who is a chef uses to make baby food. It is called Béaba Babycook and they enjoy this one since it does everything for you. It is advertised as "The original baby food maker, loved by parents for over 20 years." There are three models, the Babycook Classic, Babycook Pro, and Babycook Pro 2X. You can check it out at Béaba.




This is another blender to prepare homemade baby food that a parent recommended who did not like the other baby food processors since it was harder to clean and looked "moldy" after a while. She got this one at Macy's when it went on sale. For more information, click this: Nutribullet.

Cruisinart® Smart Stick®Cuisinart® Smart Stick® 2-Speed Hand Blender.png

​Still another blender to prepare homemade baby food is using a hand blender as shown. For more information or other models, cilck on: Cruisinart.


Mobile Apps

Baby Connect app by Seacloud Software LLC

Baby Connect.pngSomeone shared this app that they purchased in the iTunes Store called Baby Connect. Baby Connect was picked by Apple as a featured app for Busy Moms. It is the #1 and most comprehensive baby tracking application in the App Store. It has graphical reports and trending charts, weekly averages, medicine, vaccine and growth tracking, timers, notifications, reminder alarms, emails, easy to use interface, and umlimited data. It is the only application avaible on iPhone, iPad, and the web. It can synchronize information between mom and dad, babysitter, daycare, etc. It is $4.99 in the App Store. For more information about this app, click here.

​​​Baby Nursing app ​by Sevenlogics, Inc.

Nursing Baby app.jpgThis app was shared by one of my new parents who liked this app compared to the Baby Connect app since it shows a snapshot of your baby's activities for that week. It can sync with several devices as well. It costs $4.99 in the App Store. For more information about this app, click here​.



​Baby Feed Timer thVV74NV56.jpg

This is yet another app to keep track of baby's feeding, bowel movements and wet diapers. My new parents loved this one since it was easy to use, had analytics for feeding schedules, and now has an Apple Watch app. To learn more about it, click here.​





​​This is a free app made by the Poison Control Centers that guides those who ingested a poison. There are a series of questions that will answer whether a person needs to go to the emergency room or not and how toxic the ingested amount it. There is an Apple and Android version of this app. For more information on the Apple version, click here​.

​For information on how to contact the Hawaii Poison Control Center, go to my Medical Tips tab. ​


Period Tracker.jpg

Period Tracker

One of my teen patients told me about this cool app that tracks your menstrual periods on the iPhone that is free. She and her friends at school are using it and they love it! The app is called Period Tracker. To go to the website, click here. There is also a deluxe version that is $1.99 which includes a social feature, which is probably not needed. ​


 ​Other Products

hellokitty01.jpgCrane Humidifiers

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends not using cold medicines below the age of 6 years due to safety concerns, so humidifiers are one of the treatments that is safe in this young age group. When I went to my pediatrics conference in 2013, I stopped by the Crane booth and loved their humidifiers for their design. Crane humidifiers were ranked (out of 10) #2 for their Adorables, #6 for our Drops, and #8 for our Germ Defense humidifiers in Consumer Reports Best Products of the Year for single room humidifiers, and they are the best selling and one of the highest rated humidifier brands. Their Customer Care is exceptional and they also have a 1 year warranty. The place to get this is in Hawaii is at Babies "R" Us but for more information and other retail/online stores, you can click this: Where to buy Crane humidifiers. Also, if you are interested in purchasing the Crane humidfier, please stop by our office to get a coupon that will save you some money. ​


Carlson Vitamin D for Babies.jpgVitamin D drops for babies

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends vitamin D drops for breastfed babies. Unfortunately, vitamin D drops are difficult to find at drug stores in Hawaii. A parent shared me this one that you can purchase at Amazon which does not contain any artificial colors of flavors. It is called Super Daily D3 by Carlson Laboratories. A word of caution, it is concentrated so be careful you use only one drop. Although the other vitamin D drops that you buy at the store might have to be given as 1 ml (with the other ingredients), it is diluted so it is more difficult to overdose your baby on vitamin D. If you want to check out Super Daily D3, you can go to the Amazon site for this product, by clicking here.

Cloth diapers

I have some families who are environmental conscious, and choose cloth diapers over disposable. Unfortunately, Alva Logo.pngthere are Baby aWearness photo.jpgno commercialized services to clean cloth diapers in Hawaii. One of my patient's parents purchased Alva Baby online because it was reasonably priced. The link to this is

There's a store in Manoa Marketplace that also sells cloth diapers, named Baby aWearness. The link to this is It also has a breastfeeding support service as well.


nv_iron_liqud-158x275.jpg​NovaFerrum Liquid Iron Pediatric Drops

I often hear complaints from parents about ferrous sulfate being bad tasting, making it very difficult to give iron to their child to treat their anemia. I learned about NovaFerrum Iron Pediatric Drops from the American Academy of Pediatrics National Convention and Exhibition where I did a taste test, and I have to say that NovaFerrum beats ferrous sulfate in this area. I have tried in on a few of my patients to treat their anemia, and they love it. A downside is that it is expensive. You can purchase it without a prescription although many order it from Amazon since it is not available at many local drug stores. To find out more about this product, you can go to the company's website at NovaFerrum. Or you can purchase it at Amazon by clicking here. Make sure you use it as directed since an overdose can be fatal. 

American Girl.jpg​American​ Girl The Care & Keeping of You

This book is recommended for girls to learn about how their bodies change during puberty. It talks about bras, periods, pimples, and healthy eating. There are two books, the basic one is #1, and the more advanced is #2. The first book is for girls 8 years and up.

For more information, you can go to the American Girl website by clicking here.